Brexit Update & Northern Ireland Protocol

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Brexit, and the Northern Ireland Protocol, came into effect on 1st January 2021.

How goods move between the island of Ireland and Great Britain, and between Great Britain and the EU, changed considerably. As a freight-forwarder based in Northern Ireland, we’ve been extremely busy working through all the changes, to stay on top of all developments.

We’re proud to have helped numerous customers, from right across Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Great Britain, and the EU, continue to trade as seamlessly as possible, despite the many new processes, paperwork and platforms required.

Here’s a summary of some of the main changes due to Brexit, how we can help you overcome potential obstacles you might face, and how we can help take advantage of some of the benefits from the Northern Ireland Protocol.

NI – GB Trade

There’s no change for goods moving from Northern Ireland to Great Britain. Goods can move freely from Northern Ireland to Great Britain as they could before Brexit.

We can assist with part-load groupage shipments as well as full load shipments.

NI – EU Trade

One of the biggest benefits of the Northern Ireland protocol is the fact that Northern Ireland companies can sell to EU businesses exactly as they could, before Brexit. No additional paperwork or customs required.

This is a huge advantage to Northern Ireland exporters, compared to their GB counterparts, who now must adhere to customs formalities when selling to an EU customer.

Northern Ireland companies now have full access to both the GB & EU markets, which is a very fortunate and advantageous position to be in.

Again, we can help with groupage and full load services between Northern Ireland direct to/from the EU market.

NI/IE – EU Transits

Prior to Brexit, very many hauliers moved cargo from Ireland to the EU market, using GB as a “land-bridge”, as this was often the quickest and most economical routing. Brexit changed things, as goods can no longer move through GB without customs formalities – but some of these checks can be avoided, if goods are moving under transit.

We can help companies in Ireland with T1 & T2 Transit Docs, for shipping cargo via GB, to help avoid any delays due to customs.

We can also help with closing transits into Northern Ireland, on NCTS, if required.

IE – GB Trade

Irish companies shipping goods to GB need to export clear their goods, as GB is no longer part of the EU single market or customs union.

We can assist with Irish Export SADs for this and can also help generate the necessary PBN required for shipping your goods from Irish Ports into GB Ports.

GB – NI Trade

GB to NI trade requires import customs clearance (but does not require GB export customs). We can process import customs on CDS – the new replacement for CHIEF – for goods moving into Northern Ireland from GB.

We can also help with the GVMS platform and provide GMR’s for trailers moving between GB ports and NI ports.

GB – IE Trade

Companies selling goods to the Republic of Ireland, will need to generate an Export SAD. Import customs clearance into Ireland is also required.

We can assist with GB export docs, Irish customs clearance, PBN & GMR for shipping goods between GB and Ireland.

For any additional information on any of these services, or if you have any questions regarding the new processes required for shipping to/from Northern Ireland and/or the Republic of Ireland, please do not hesitate to get in touch.