Exporting For Beginners – Where To Get Help

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Exporting can be a daunting undertaking, and with the potential pit-falls and costs involved, it’s not a business decision to be taken lightly.

What if you have a business that is new to exporting and you are considering exporting your goods for the first time?

For businesses looking to export from the island of Ireland, there are a number of organisations that can help point you in the right direction.

At Trans Europe Express, we pride ourselves on helping local businesses grow by exporting across Europe and across the globe. When done successfully, exporting can open up massive opportunities for your business, and we are always willing to help businesses with their exporting needs.

Here is a useful list of organisations that can provide information for your business on how to start exporting.

Exporting from Northern Ireland

NI Business Info: Get information on how to get export ready, choosing a market, the basics of exporting and importing, and working with a freight-forwarder.

Invest NI: For advice on market research, information on exporting events, help with developing export strategy and export skills, and details regarding finance for exporting.

Department for International Trade: Through a useful guide to assist you in creating an export plan, you can read about the terms, processes and information you need to be successful at selling overseas.

Institute of Export and International Trade: Offer training and qualifications in relation to exporting, as well as a technical helpline for exporting issues.

BIFA: For a more detailed understanding of the practicalities and considerations involved in exporting, such as customs procedures, paperwork, good practice etc.

Exporting from Republic of Ireland

Enterprise Ireland: Offer a range of courses, programmes and events to Irish companies who plan to grow through exporting.

Irish Exporters Association: Can assist Irish Exporters at any stage of their export journey, through a year-round calendar of exporting workshops and events.

IIFA: More targeted to the freight forwarding industry in Ireland, but offer courses and training to individuals who are keen to develop their exporting knowledge and experience.


InterTrade Ireland: An All-Ireland organisation that can provide financial assistance, as well as practical guidance, for companies looking to export to Northern Ireland or export to the Republic of Ireland.

Chambers of Commerce: Your local chamber of commerce should be able to assist you with exporting enquiries and guidance. If not, they will certainly know the right direction to point you in.

Other Exporters: Use your business contacts to discuss the pros and cons of exporting with an associate who already has some experience and ask them who they work with.

Freight-Forwarders: A good freight-forwarder will be willing to assist you with any queries or concerns you may have regarding exports. They should also be able to make you aware of all the important considerations before exporting, as well as providing an indication on costs, and expertise on routing and modes of transport.

If you are thinking about exporting, please feel free to contact us here at Trans Europe Express, where we’d be more than happy to help with your exporting needs.